Our Services

Wynne Solutions provides ABA therapy services for children and adults diagnosed with autism and related conditions. Our program primarily focuses on parent education to effectively and efficiently increase appropriate behaviors (including academic skills) while decreasing inappropriate behaviors. Dr. Gilmour and her team of BCBAs train parents and caregivers on how to effectively advocate for their children using positive behavior support tactics. Parent education accounts for the majority of the clinical hours Wynne Solutions staff delivers as behavioral consultants. The remaining time is spent on multi-disciplinary collaboration (e.g., communication with the school staff, ABA agency working directly in the home, related service providers, etc.). Dr. Gilmour has clear expectations for parent participation, and has parents and caregivers involved with 100% of the treatment of the child. 

Dr. Gilmour delivers a unique service where she works directly with children, parents, school teaching staff and administrators, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, medical professionals and all members of the treatment team. Dr. Gilmour serves individuals with exceptionalities by being the multi-disciplinary team facilitator. Dr. Gilmour's services reflect her core philosophy that a child is fully served when all members of the treatment team are effectively collaborating.

What is parent education?

In the context of Wynne Solutions delivery model, parent education is defined as training for parents and caregivers on how to effectively advocate for their children using positive behavior support tactics within the multi-disciplinary team.

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a method in which medical providers utilize telecommunication in their treatment of patients. At Wynne Solutions, some ways in which we use telehealth include live video consultation and sharing of videos to collect diagnostic information.

Rates and Fees

Wynne Solutions is currently an in-network provider for Moda Health of Oregon. In addition, we accept private pay.

We may be able to bill other insurance providers for services. Please contact us for additional information.